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Ebola Update 24.11.14

Knowing where the Ebola hot spots are in a country is crucial to getting an outbreak quickly under control. Many have criticised the initial slow response to the West Africa outbreak, saying it’s a big reason the virus quickly spread. Now, a German research centre is developing a project to monitor Ebola – called EBOKON – uses real-time monitoring to better manage outbreaks in real time.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Friday 21st November that by continuing to scale up the global fight against Ebola, there is hope the outbreak could be contained by mid-2015, but he emphasised that results to date are still uneven, and announced that the Organisation’s top health officials will head to Mali, where the situation is still a cause of “deep concern”, which has had six fatal cases of the virus in recent weeks.

Sierra Leone, where there is a shortage of treatment facilities, is the leading edge of the epidemic right now. In the last 17 days, infections increased by 30% to more than 6,000 cases and more than 1,200 deaths, WHO reported. In the same time frame, infections jumped 18% in Guinea and 8.5% in Liberia. Overall, more than 5,400 have died from the virus across West Africa. The mayor of Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown, Franklin Bode Gibson, prepares new cemetery at Allentown to hold more 7,000 spaces for burials.

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