HOTRIC Charity Shop (HCS) was established in 2002 and is an extension of House on the Rock International Church. The vision of HOTRIC charity shop is to be a place where the community can purchase affordable clothes and shoes whilst also being a place of rest and relaxation.

The service is run through the efforts of a team of dedicated volunteers as well as the generousity of members of the community who donate clothes and shoes for sale.  We have a range of sizes and styles to suit all tastes and there are always seasonal bargains to be had.

HOTRIC Charity Shop is dedicated to serving the community through its operations, creating a peaceful shopping experience.


“Bermondsey deserves the best of all things. We are God’s gift to the community.”

  • We are in the community to serve the community with affordable wear and to be a listening ear.
  • We are in the community to help and really show we care by adding value to lives.
  • We are in the community as a distributor of clothing to other charitable organisations both far and near.
  • We are in Bermondsey because we love BERMONDSEY.